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Sub-71 August 30, 2009 User blog:Sub-71

Dear, Friends, Vandal fighters and proud Admins of Halopedia.

As we may already know I have been quite inactive and I have been quite useless of late.

Currently I have been undergoing the final stage of my life in high school (Year Twelve) and it has been quite hectic so far, but I have managed to so far survive :P, but with this I have neglected this site and I do feel quite bad for it, sorry everyone.

Now I’m not fully retiring because I will be back in the future, but as for now I will not edit at all or maybe very little, I will respond to every message sent to me, but please don’t expect me to instantly reply for my studies consume plenty of time which I have very little of, and other underlying issues that just suck.

If you want to know a specific date of my return I will probably be back at the 17 of November but as above do not expect this to be instantaneous.

My friends I do apologise that I didn’t say anything earlier, but I really didn’t hope to blog this but hey....

I wish you all the best Halopedia and keep fighting.

With my upmost respect; Captain Grade One §ubnova71 22:33, 30 August 2009 (UTC)

"Wake me when you need me...."-Spartan 117

[Update]: Coming out of Semi-Retirement

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