I recently noticed that with the impending release of Reach, Halopedia is seeing a large influx of new users. I'm sure many of you have noticed that not all new users are immediately capable of learning wiki coding and MOS, etc, etc... which results in poor-quality edits.

I'm suggesting that we implement an "Adopt-a-User" program, similar to the program at the English Wikipedia. Basically, users who feel like they'll need help can sign up to be an adoptee, and more experienced users with extra time on their hands can sign up as an adopter of one or multiple new users. The adoptees can then direct their questions at their "mentors", instead of pestering the admins for every little problem they have. I think this will help new users become accustomed to the wiki much more quickly, as they can get faster answers to their questions, and they won't be ignored.

Now, I'm not dead-set on implementing this - far from it, in fact. I just want to see what everyone thinks, and whether such a program would be beneficial to Halopedia as a whole. Thanks for reading.

UPDATE: The Adopt-a-User page is live and is currently being hosted off of my userpage. If you support and are willing to become an adopter/adoptee, please sign up.