It was announced on Wednesday that Race will make its long awaited debut in Halo 4 Matchmaking. Not only am I a huge racing fan but I believe this will be a major turnaround in Halo's public servers.

New playlists or returning playlists aways bring in a decent amount of players both new and old. However, the racing playlist may be one of the best moves yet as it will open a door for players that have never played a Halo game before. I can tell you that most of my friends list will probably be playing the game as most of them are diehard NASCAR or Sports-Car Racing fans. However, this playlist will allow us as well as other racing fans to finally give them a reason to get Halo 4. More friends playing this game will also give me a reason to pop in the disc just a bit more often.

Another reason is us racing fans can meet new people that can relate to us. Now, I know not everybody playing the gametype will be a racing fan or as big as a racing fan as me however I expect a majority of them will be which can allow me to get to know new people and talk about something that so very few people enjoy here.

Overall race is going to be a good move by 343 Industries and I have gotten to like them alot better since earlier this summer when they began changing things up.