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Hello everyone!

Well, here is another controversial topic for you to discuss, what is the future of Halo 4?

Besides the Champions Bundle and the Halo 4 Tournament, 343 Industries has not stated anything else for the future of the game and series for the Xbox 360. However, there are still some things that we want and the question remains, will we get them?

New Gametypes: We have seen various new gametypes come into Halo 4 over the course of man, almost a year! since the game's release. However, the only ones that seem to gain attention for more then a few weeks were Grifball and Infinity Rumble and Rumble Pro. Though we can forge the tracks and even the gametype with alot of work, many would love to see Race or Rally return to the franchise. Race is still one of the most played varients in Halo: Reach Custom Games and with various clans (Which I am in myself) out there, its easy to get into a racing action. Perhaps that may be the reason why we don't have it? And of course, that little gametype called Invasion. That gametype was probably the most annoying but fun for many Reach fans and the return of that would be great.

Firefight: Though this is definitly not coming to Halo 4, I thought I would still point it out because there was talk about it. What should have been done was a poll. Fans get to see footage of both Spartan Ops and Firefight and vote which one they wanted in the game. Then agian, Firefight would have probably won so...

Spartan Ops Season 2: Of course, there will be a Spartan Ops Season 2 but the question is, when? I strongly believe that the next season of Spartan Ops will be in Halo 2014. Now, just like you I hope I am wrong with this but don't be surprized if I'm right...

So, that's all I have for you, please let me know what you think below and if you think something should be added or removed from this list, also comment!