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Return of the Best

Hello everyone!

Today, I was wondering which of the follwing characters you would like to see be featured in an upcoming Halo game such as Spartan Assault or Halo on Xbox One.

  • Cortana
  • Jun
  • Jorge
  • ODSTs (As an NPC)
  • Flood (As an enemy)

For me, I would love to see the return of Jun and Jorge. Jun we all know was not killed during the Battle of Reach but we also have no idea about where and what he is now. Jorge, may have entered the slipspace jump which may have saved his life as long as he was rescued shortly. I would also love ODSTs to make another apperence and I'm sure they will soon. Flood is something that I think should just remain in multiplayer as I don't see how they can fit into the saga easily. I do not want to see Cortana return event though she'll probably save Cheif's life or something.

Anyway, comment what you think below!


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