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PC Players May Finally Finish the Fight

Welp, I'm back! With that said, time for another Blog of mine to get you all talking. This time's theme: Halo: Master Chief Collection and that it may (and better) come to PC.

How you may ask? Well for starters, Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2 are already on PC so that basically already takes care of those two. Halo 3? Well, a reported build of it for PC was rumored by Steam to be in development and maybe it is. Rather than announcing it separate, put it in! That leaves Halo 4. Good ol' Halo 4... I don't see why they can't make a port. In fact, I heard of one in development awhile back but that was most likely some idiot blogger like me trying to go viral...

Anyway, I do think this would be a great move. I for one don't have an Xbox One and to be honest, don't want one that much. Only reason why is for these two Halo games I've been hearing about...

Anyway, let me know what ya'll think! Excited to hear answers on this one...

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