Hello Marines and Spartans!

Today, I was wondering which of the follwing advertising campaigns help give Halo a better audience and more sales. Aside from that, feel free to comment which one was your own personal favorite.

Halo 2: 7-Eleven

Halo 2 was already going to be a huge game but Bungie wanted to take it even further. In order to open up Halo to fans that did not play Halo: Combat Evolved and did not seen interested in Halo 2, Bungie began advertising. Their biggest project  with Halo 2 (Besides I Love Bees) was their partner ship with 7-Eleven to bring Halo 2 themed items into the stores such as cups and posters. In the end, it appeared that it did work in some ways along with their many other advertising campaings as Halo 2 quickly became the first Xbox's best seller and eventually it you even get a PC port in 2007.

Halo 3: Burger King

Bungie has alot of campaigns for Halo 3 but none was probably bigger or successful then the team of Halo 3 and Burger King. Simmilar to what they did at 7-Eleven, Bungie and Burger King gave customers the option to have Halo themed cups, napkins, bags, posters, and more. Though some Halo themed toys could have gained an even bigger attraction, the idea worked out and Halo 3 continue to sell copies to this day.

Halo: Wars: Gamestop Racing

But perhaps the most expensive and most risky idea came in 2009 for Ensemble Studio's Halo: Wars. Earlier in 2009, Gamestop had announced that they and Joe Gibbs, owner of Joe Gibbs Racing, will team up and race the #20 Gamestop Toyota Camery in the NASCAR Nationwide Series. Every week, the car would feature an upcoming or newly released game in order to help out in promotion for both the store and game creators. When the Nationwide Series cam to Bristol, it was announced that Nationwide star Joey Logano will be driving the #20 Halo: Wars Toyota Camery. Though the car did not end up in victory lane and the game did not sell as much as Ensembe had hoped, it is considered one of the best advertising campaings that Ensemble and Bungie would ever do and proved to many that they did care about their games.

Halo: Reach and Halo 4: Mountian Dew XP

The most recent partner ship is between 343 Industries and Mountian Dew. With a purchase of a bottle of any Mountian Dew flavor marked with the Halo Reach or Halo 4 logo, gamers can enter the codes at and recieve CR (Halo: Reach) or XP (Halo 4) that will carry over to their performance in multi-player. Both the games and soda had an increase in sales during this period and we can expect the same for any future Halo titles.