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Today is the launch of what appears to be the final piece of Halo 4 DLC. The Champions Bundle will feature various new maps and items to a game that much needs them right now. Today, I'll share my opinion and hope to help you decide if you want this game add-on.

Weapon Skins- Many new weapon skins have been included with those who but the Champions Bundle. The new skins will add even more custimization to your Halo 4 Spartan (or now ODST) for both you and whoever picks up the weapon from your dead body. Though some skins look better than others, all of them are nice in some way and there should be at least one that fits your style.

Armor Skins- If weapon skins aren't for you but having nice looking armor is, then this part is for you! Various new pieces of armor will give you character a new look and feel. Simillar to the weapons, some armor skins do look better then others but with the large amount of them, there should be one that will catch your eye in no time!

Gametype- Included is the all new Ricochet gametype and armor. Ricochet is a cross between football, basketball, and of course everyone's favorite, Grifball! The goal is to control the ball and get it into a goal zone. The armor and gametype both play out amazing and don't be surprised for this gametype to quickly be the one thing that brings Halo 4 back to where it was a couple of months ago.

Maps- The final piece of the DLC I will showcase is the two new maps that are included. The first, is a remake of a Halo 3 favorite, Pitfall. Though there are some diffrences between the two maps, the map does resemble the Halo 3 varient alot and even adds a few new features to match up with Halo 4's compettive multiplayer system. The other map oncluded is Vertigo. Though the map may be little confusing the first few times you play on it, you can get use to its features quickly. The map may not be as amazing as some may have hoped but it is still a good map for both veteran and new players.

Overall, the Halo 4 Champions Bundle is a must have. Though players competing in the Tournament may not be able to play the all new DLC as much as the rest of us, once the tournament is over, expect many players to be on the Champions Bundle playlist.