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    Halo 4 has arrived, and it brings a somewhat hidden question. Which of the Didacts is the one that gave us all the trouble?

    For someone that only plays the games, this question doesnt make sense at all. But for those that have read Halo: Cryptum and Halo: Primordium, this is a very pressing question.

    Both of the Stories and information from the Silentium teaser tells us that there are 2 Didacts runnig around during the Flood War.

    1. The Ur-Didact (The Original One)
    2. The Bornstellar Didact (Bornstellar with Mutation from Didact)

    For now we expand and fix up this wiki with Halo 4 info

    Hopefully Halo: Silentium will difinitively answer this question...

    In the mean time, which one do you think it is and why?

    I personally think that the Halo 4 Didact is th…

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