Greetings esteemed Halopedians.
Now that the Manual of Style has fully entered our editing routine, I can proudly say Halopedia's articles are starting to look even more accurate than before. One thing I've noticed however, is the order in which the "Era" icons are placed at the top-right corner of pages: most pages have the newly created icons (for example the Halo Wars one) placed at the bottom of the queue, while others don't have an exact sequence. To prevent such a chaos, I'd like to propose a sequence in which the Era icons should be placed: first the games' ones, then the novels', then the comics' and last the Xbox, I Love Bees and Featured Article icons.
This should help visitors have a better idea about the appearences or links a subject has with the various games, novels or other medias in the Halo Universe. Thank you and have a good Halopedia day!

The correct order

In the correct order that you should place them:

{{Era|H1}} {{Era|H2}} {{Era|H3}} {{Era|HW}} {{Era|H3R}} {{Era|RE}} {{Era|FOR}} {{Era|TF}} {{Era|FS}} {{Era|GOO}} {{Era|CH}} {{Era|TCP}} {{Era|HGN}} {{Era|UP}}{{Era|HELL}} {{Era|SPB}} {{Era|LE}} {{Era|ILB}} {{Era|IRIS}} {{Era|X}} {{Era|FA}}