“There are those who've said this day will never come... who are those to say this now.”
— I have no clue ;)

Sadly, I'm filling out my Halopedian resignation. For that, I cannot keep squeezing time for Halopedia anymore. As you can see, I was slowly being pulled into the dark corner over there, see it? I joined this site when I was 14 years old, now I'm 17. For a good 3 years or a little less, I made pretty good pals here, some not so much, but does that matter right now? Yes, yes it does, but I'm sorry to leave this site, I'am. Have I made great edits and contributions? In my opinion, I haven't, but that's for you guys to decide.

I've been thinking of doing this little blog for some time now, out of tradition now since other veteran users have done so in the past. I don't really expect much from this anyway, thought some guys would know anyway. Nothing much to say, really, other than this site filled me with knowledge about Halo. As for my "legacy" I left behind on this sight... umm, I know I've been uptight on some of you people or "kind of a Douchebag in the bushes with a radioactive twinky" (found that in my messages), but its not out of shear spiteful hate or anger, it was out of a stern way to remind you guys that we do indeed have rules and they actually work and other mindful things. Kind of like Simon Seville of The Chipmunks telling Alvin about his manners... good analogy? I didn't think so either :D. With nothing else to say now, I say my goodbyes.