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Halo: Reach Forge Maps

Hello everyone reading this post. I've been a fan of Forge mode since it's inception in Halo 3 and throughout that time, I'd like to think that I have picked up on a lot of aspects and features that make a map great. That being said, I also have not a lot of friends who are Halo fans, and only three who don't mind helping me test the maps, sit back while I fix them, and test them again. So, with the lack of any other feedback than that of my friends, I would like to know what the general Halo community's views on the maps are. At the moment, I have pictures of five maps uploaded and two are on my file share, but more are on the way if you'd like to test them out.

The Five maps are: Retribution, Poseidon, Frontline, Eagle's Nest, and Balanced. Enjoy!

  • Retribution - Overview
  • Retribution - Top
  • Retribution - Bottom
  • Retribution - Red Base
  • Retribution - Blue Base
  • Retribution - Side View (kind of)
  • Retribution - Top View Center
  • Poseidon - Overview
  • Poseidon - Bay Area
  • Poseidon - Blue Base
  • Poseidon - Bay Area
  • Frontline - Center
  • Frontline - Blue Base
  • Frontline - Red Base
  • Frontline - Sword Edge
  • Frontline - Concussion Rifle Edge
  • Eagle's Nest - Overview
  • Eagle's Nest - Cliff
  • Eagle's Nest - Center
  • Eagle's Nest - Red Base
  • Eagle's Nest - Blue Base Overview
  • Eagle's Nest - Blue Base Inside
  • Eagle's Nest - Tunnel
  • Balanced - Overview
  • Balanced - Bottom Center
  • Balanced - Alley / Outside Ramp


  • Retribution (v1.2 - Need Beta Testers)
    • Both bases are exactly the same, it just wasn't nessecary to show the same thing twice.
    • There are two teleporters in each base. The one in the back leads to the bottom, rock-jumping area and exits in the same place in the other base. The teleporter nearest the middle leads to one of the top bridges and exits in the middle of the enemy base. (the teleporters that lead up are not two-way). The teleporters make for an extremely fun CTF game.
    • There are also Falcons that spawn on the landing platforms attatched to the bases.
    • Compatible with CTF and possibly Assault
    • 4-8 Players Reccomended
  • Poseidon (v0.6)
    • This map contains a ton of walls and other flat objects just below the waterline so vehicles act as boats. There is also a teleporter below the water positioned so that if a player gets out of a vehicle in the middle of the water, they are teleported really deep, and die. It's down far enough though, that people can still stand on the vehicle and not die.
    • Although this map is mostly water based, there is also a land route that goes from the island (where the red base is) through the cave and into the first third of the canyon (behind blue base).
    • Compatible with CTF and Assault.
    • 8-16 Players Reccomended
  • Frontline (v0.9)
    • It was hard to capture all of this map on camera due to the cave walls. It's basically just a close-quarters base battle.
    • 2-6 Players Reccomended
  • Eagle's Nest (v1.1 - Need Beta Testers)
    • There is a hole in the middle of the map near the tunnel that leads to a teleporter linking to a platform on the cliff with a sniper rifle.
    • 4-8 Players Reccomended
  • Balanced (v0.8)
    • I should be uploading more pictures of this map soon. (I would have uploaded more but I didn't realize the recent screenshots feature on Halo Waypoint was limited to 30.)
    • There is also a fairly hidden alleyway between the two large ramps leading to the bottom.
    • 8-16 Players Reccomended