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  • I live in New Pheonix, Earth
  • I was born on February 9
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  • Spartanmars

    Hello everyone reading this post. I've been a fan of Forge mode since it's inception in Halo 3 and throughout that time, I'd like to think that I have picked up on a lot of aspects and features that make a map great. That being said, I also have not a lot of friends who are Halo fans, and only three who don't mind helping me test the maps, sit back while I fix them, and test them again. So, with the lack of any other feedback than that of my friends, I would like to know what the general Halo community's views on the maps are. At the moment, I have pictures of five maps uploaded and two are on my file share, but more are on the way if you'd like to test them out.

    The Five maps are: Retribution, Poseidon, Frontline, Eagle's Nest, and Ba…

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  • Spartanmars

    In Season Ten, Episode 4 of Red vs. Blue, there is a scene where a destroyer engages a Paris-class heavy frigate. The destroyer is one of the most graphic and accurate sightings of the destroyer to date and even though that particular ship should not be considered officially part of Halo cannon, the image of the destroyer should be.

    As far as anyone has seen, there hasn't been any discrepancies between a cannon destroyer and the RvB destroyer and since no destroyer has been seen in the Halo games, we are short of graphic and accurate images of the destroyer.

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  • Spartanmars

    To view the first draft synopsis, see Here

    Spartanmars (talk) 00:29, July 12, 2012 (UTC)

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