The Halo wiki's gonna see a lot of traffic in the next few months, veterans and FNGs alike. And the first impression is ALWAYS the Home page. I'm sure all of you will agree that a wiki is primarily an info terminal which people use to rid their ignorance on a subject. So the Home page should reflect that the wiki has a lot of info. In which the current one fails. Please dont see my page now coz i'm a newcomer too.

Anyway, I'm sure someone will read this. Hopefully its a moderator. I sincerely appeal, on behalf of the Chief and Cortana to beef up the home page. It should have a table of contents. It should have a list of all the Halo media forms categorized into games, novels, comics, soundtracks and semi-canon stuff. And of course there are the walkthroughs, weapons, guides and bestiarums. And the Armor permutations must be separate coz i personally feel its messy.

We would definitely need pictures to color it up. Why not picture links for maps, characters, races, levels, locations and achievements and community websites? So in my vision, it should look like the Mass Effect wiki 's homepage: neat and tidy. Lets bury the moderator feeds, DYK and featured articles because they're clearly not interesting anyone. We already have the developer feed with Waypoint but honestly, it looks boring. We HAVE to have a sidebar that flashes all the news and leaks.

I'm being impertinent, yes. I'm doin it for the Chief and he sure deserves a warm welcome. Help guys.

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Spartankrypton 20:12, May 12, 2012 (UTC)

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