Demon, John, Sierra - 117, Spartan - 117, Master Chief, all these names that we refer to our beloved and invisible favorite Spartan II. Preferablly I myself like to call Spartan - 117 by Master Chief as do many other Halo fans do as well. Our main protaganist in the Halo Series has been Master Chief and never once have we ever seen his face not even a part of it. Most Spartans ( Spartan II's & Spartan III's) that we know of have ever been seen without their helmets on witth the exception of a few such as Noble Team, but most have kept thier helmets on throughout the entire time we see then such as Master Chief, Noble Four Emile, Noble Six, and Spartans from Halo Wars. I know we question or imagine how they look under those helmets, most sources I've come across also depict the Spartans who wear the Armor alot are very pale as such a short description that was said about Master Chief. Wich brings me to my question and opinion, Why show the face of Master Chief (end of Halo 4)? Through out the time that Bungie owned the rights to the Halo Saga never have they showed the mysterious face of the Master Chief, although they did show that his helmet was off but not in anyway letting us see his face. I wonder if it was a vote, debate, or a choice by the main heads up in the 343 Industries to reveal just a part of Master Chiefs face. Will they posibly even show his whole face in future Halo games? My opinion is that I hope they do not. 343 actually should have never showed any part of Master Chiefs face as well. I can believe how many have speculated back when Bungie made Halo how the Master Chief looked or why not show his face., I cant remember where I read about the Master Chief that the Japanese thought by not having his face revealed was a sign of weakness. The Master Chief should have not bean unmasked to begin with anyway no matter how poeple thought of him or wondered how he looked, as a big fan of the Halo Saga I was sort of in rage when I had seen at the end of Halo 4 that the Master Chief was unmasked at that a part of his face was shown. Sure you think of it as whatever or its not a big deal but to true Halo fan of Master Chief I'm most assure that many of my fellow Halo fans feel the same way. Like I said its just my opinion and maybe the opinion of many others about this matter. In the end I hope 343 doesnt do anything esle that would ruin a part of our beloved Halo Saga.