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aka Jay

  • I live in PLANET REACH
  • I was born on January 5
  • My occupation is SPARTAN II COMMANDO (S-005)
  • I am Male
  • Spartan Jay 005

    The Master Chief is he just a Warrior trained only for combat and to fight wars essentially a Machine or just like the rest of his fellow UNSC personnel...Human?. Due to the comments that was said about my first blog "Master Chief - Unmasked" alot of the users commented on how the fact they like the direction that 343i's was taking and  that the Master Chief face was shown and the way he is acting and thinking more like a human. Indeed 343i's is definately changing the way the Master Chief was than in the previously Halo Saga as to being more human than a trained killing Machine. In a way this Master Chief that we play in Halo 4 is much more different, first his much short dialouge and silence is changed as we see that he is more interacti…

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  • Spartan Jay 005

    Demon, John, Sierra - 117, Spartan - 117, Master Chief, all these names that we refer to our beloved and invisible favorite Spartan II. Preferablly I myself like to call Spartan - 117 by Master Chief as do many other Halo fans do as well. Our main protaganist in the Halo Series has been Master Chief and never once have we ever seen his face not even a part of it. Most Spartans ( Spartan II's & Spartan III's) that we know of have ever been seen without their helmets on witth the exception of a few such as Noble Team, but most have kept thier helmets on throughout the entire time we see then such as Master Chief, Noble Four Emile, Noble Six, and Spartans from Halo Wars. I know we question or imagine how they look under those helmets, most so…

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