Some illuminating interesting information has emerged for Halo 4.

Apparantly, according to a scan of the French OXM, Halo 4 Infection will be renaimed Flood, and infected characters will actually play as Flood!

The desire to play as a flood has always been every Halo fans deepest, darkest secret, with a thousand different Halo custom edition mods allowing you to become one of the graveminds hoardes. I posted the concept art and the full scans below, although bear in mind they are in french (if anyone can translate it would be appriciated)

Apparently my picture was infringing copyright, so I have included a link to the picture here, and a link to the full article here.

The bottom right picture is a piece of concept art showing the infected players. The red flood are probably the alpha zombies, and the green are probably infected players.

I am really looking foward to Halo 4 more and more, and really hope that I can get Xbox Live before it's release, because it looks like this game will be nowhere near as good without it!