Forerunner design

The design of the Forerunner weaponry in Halo 4 has provoked some contriversity, with many people saying that the design does not match previous Forerunner weapon designs.

The builder Clan, which built the Halo Array, were master architects. Their designs were smooth and flowing, and tried to mimic natural structures. They built the Halo rings, and everything on them, including the senitals and moniters. The sleek, silver lines of Builder design can be seen on all these constructs, as well as the weapons, such as the senital beam and auto-turret.

Forerunner Ship2

The Keyship has aspects of the sleek Builder design.

1217333029 Sentinels

These senitiales also have Builder design

The keyship, and the sentinels have Forerunner design, like all things on tha Halos.

The weapons and enviornments in Halo 4 are on a shield world, and have warrier-servent design. They are designed to look indidminating, with hard lines, and oringe and red lights.


The scattershot is a perfect example of Warrier-Servent design.