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    I know a lot of Halo fans do not like the direction the series has been taking lately.  Well, I have good news for you.  A NeoGaf commentor compained about Armour Abilities making a return under the new name "Spartan Abilities", and Frank O'Connor replied "They aren't. The wording is confusing but it means. "features". Using h2 as an example, new features would have been dual wielding and boarding".

    This was further clarified on Twitter by Brad Welch (who is design director at 343, in case you don't know who he is like I didn't) , who said "Arena means what you'd expect - competitive focus, level playing field, map control. Spartan abilities are player mechanics not loadout AAs."

    So what do you think this means?  "level playing field" and "m…

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  • Spartan Jack 17

    Some illuminating interesting information has emerged for Halo 4.

    Apparantly, according to a scan of the French OXM, Halo 4 Infection will be renaimed Flood, and infected characters will actually play as Flood!

    The desire to play as a flood has always been every Halo fans deepest, darkest secret, with a thousand different Halo custom edition mods allowing you to become one of the graveminds hoardes. I posted the concept art and the full scans below, although bear in mind they are in french (if anyone can translate it would be appriciated)

    Apparently my picture was infringing copyright, so I have included a link to the picture here, and a link to the full article here.

    The bottom right picture is a piece of concept art showing the infected play…

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  • Spartan Jack 17

    The design of the Forerunner weaponry in Halo 4 has provoked some contriversity, with many people saying that the design does not match previous Forerunner weapon designs.

    The builder Clan, which built the Halo Array, were master architects. Their designs were smooth and flowing, and tried to mimic natural structures. They built the Halo rings, and everything on them, including the senitals and moniters. The sleek, silver lines of Builder design can be seen on all these constructs, as well as the weapons, such as the senital beam and auto-turret.

    The keyship, and the sentinels have Forerunner design, like all things on tha Halos.

    The weapons and enviornments in Halo 4 are on a shield world, and have warrier-servent design. They are designed t…

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