Now after ive read the books and played the games my spartan count for the present halo date is 30+. Now you must be thinking WTF where did he get that number? Well I will start at the beggining. When the spartans were gathering at Reach there were 33 Known spartans the spartan 2's. Well the book Cole Protocal revialed that 3 spartans were deep in covenet controled space using hit and run tactics to destroy naval bases, and reserch centers. so that would put the count of spartans at 4 so far including MC. Then the battle of Reach started and the majority of spartans died. Now for a while here I'm going to take Master Chief out of the equation. Now 7 spartans were left after the battle of Reach. They fled on the UNSC flagship and jumped off in a blind direction.

Meanwhile spartan 3's were being trained by Kurt spartan that was supposedly MIA. So over the next few years these spartans are sent on suicide missions in large groups in hopes to have some survivors to teach the next genoration of spartans. Then on some way, shape, or for all the remaining spartans link up on Onyx as is describes in the book Ghosts of Onyx. Soon after that Covenet forces arrive and a battle insues in which 3 spartans [including Kurt] are killed, The rest hide out inside a forerunner structure that is inside slipspace itself. With them is Cheif pety officer Mendez, Dr.Hasley and the missing spartan squad Katana. So if you do all the math include th MC and all the others you come out with just over 30 spartans. If not then I was wrong and i am sorry. Thanks for reading my second blog. :]