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Smart Aleck's Guide to Halo

  • When Jacob keys was a young lieutenant he and Catherin Halsey(After recruiting several Six year olds)rented a hotel and had romantic but yet professional time in bed..

Keys one night Forgot protection. The result, Miranda Keys.

  • Cortana, technically has the memories of that night. For her emotions and memories are cloned from Halsey
  • Master Chief once beat up ODSTs because they attacked him. They did so because he removed a pin from some weights aboard a frigate to test its gravity. The Hell jumpers took it as a foolish prank and started a fight with John.
  • Conan O'Brian voices A marine in Halo 4.
  • The Spartans MUJINAR shields are not original Human TECH. They are actually improved jackal shields
  • Before selecting the Master Chief as her care taker. Cortana nearly chose Spartan 112 because he was the most attractive.. women
  • The first Covenant trooper The Master Chief encountered was a jackal.
  • Halo 5 may take place on Reach
  • During the Halo event Master chief was not the only Spartan 2 alive.

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