• Spartan331

    For nostalgia's sakes, I've been playing Halo 3 for the past few days, and I decided to act like the Chief. Well, during the Assault on the Citadel on the level The Covenant, the Chief realized that the Scorpion is too slow to reach Citadel if he were to stop Truth. So, he rode on the one of the Hornets instead. The Hornet's pilot took control of the aircraft, and aimed for the Citadel's door, when suddenly, two Scarabs drop from the sky!

    Now, usually, a player would fly around the Scarab and shoot at its back. Well, when I played, I discovered that not only does the Hornet drops you off on one of the Scarabs, it also picks you back up when you destruct the Scarab's core:

    The Hornet flies steadily over one of the Scarab, and this is your chan…

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