On the day of November 10th, 2008, all was peaceful in Infinity. Well, mostly peaceful. A Spartan named Echo was at Red Base, stocking up on supplies before he would be shipped off to some battlefield to reinforce a squad of Reds that was pinned down by the Blue Army. He was enjoying his last few hours on Infinity by joyriding through the many canyons and hills, when suddenly, he realized he was being tailed by an Officer in a Ghost. He stomped the gas pedal of his Rocket 'Hog, hoping to lose the cop, but was then hit by a hail of plasma from behind. The Spartan, lacking a gunner, had no choice but to pull over, exit his Warthog, and be transported to the jail, where he was charged with "Excessive speeding, reckless driving, and possession of a military grade flamethrower". As he was waiting in jail, his guard sprayed his cellmates with a burst of his Assault Rifle. This was the last straw for Echo, who then proceeded to flame the guard. The guard was then beaten down by his cellmates. As Echo made his escape, he "comandeered" an officer's Ghost and made his escape. He returned to his base, only to find it overrun with Blues. He tried to escape, but was caught by a police patrol. He was taken up onto the bridge that spanned the middle of the level. Echo peered over the edge, where he saw the body of a fellow Red. He then realized what was happening; they were renegades. Real cops would never take their prisoners to be executed for running from an abusive guard. He turned around, intending to run, when he realized the guards were now surrounding him. "Jump", the Police Chief said. "But why?", said Echo, who was now quite nervous, "You can take me to jail, I won't run again". The Chief shrugged, and sprayed Echo's feet with an Assault Rifle. Echo clenched his fist, slowly unclipped a Plasma Grenade from his belt, and tossed it at the Renegade Police Chief. He jumped off the bridge at the same time. the Chief was vaporized in the explosion and the officers were injured in the blast. Echo hit the bottom of the canyon and was knocked unconscious. One of the few remaining Reds discovered him and took him to a medical facility on Foundry, which had been hastily constructed by the Red Army to care for their wounded. He later learned that 3 of his allies had been forced off the bridge, 4 had been shot on sight, and 3 had been arrested and found guilty of started a riot of sorts. Echo is currently still recovering at the Foundry Medical Facility.