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Cartographer's Gift Is Live

Hey everyone, Spartawhale here. For those of you who were not aware, the Cartographer's Gift content update for Halo 5: Guardians went live this morning at around 9:30 AM PST! This content update is free and should automatically prompt the player to download upon starting the game.

H5G Promotional-DLC Cartographer'sGift-Infograph


As shown in the above image, the update includes:

Forge controls

As Forge has been redone heavily, I thought I would give a quick reference list for the new and improved controls.

  • Left Stick: Camera: Move, Change Speed, [Hold] Speed: Boost, Right/Left: Rotate [Blue Axis], Up/Down: Rotate [Blue Axis], Move: Objects
  • Right Stick: Camera: Look, Camera: Lock-On
  • A: Camera: Down, Move: Objects: Down
  • B: Camera: Up, Move: Objects: Up
  • X: Map/Tool: Options [menu]
  • Y: Object: Place [menu]
  • RB: Selection: Add, Selection: Remove
  • LB: Selection: Remove All
  • RT: [Hold] Rotate: Mode [enter], [Release] Move: Mode [exit]
  • LT: [Hold] Move: Mode [enter], [Release] Move: Mode [exit]
  • D-pad (right): [Hold] Object: Duplicate, Snap Move: Increment, Snap: Rotate: Increment
  • D-pad (left): [Hold] Object: Delete, Snap Move: Increment, Snap: Rotate: Decrement
  • D-pad (down): [Tap] Spartan Mode, [Hold] Spartan Mode (Bake Lights), Rotation: Reset
  • D-pad (up): Magnets: Disable

Hope you all have fun playing! Feel free to leave any thoughts about the Cartographer's Gift update below! Peace out.--USER-Spartacus Emblem Spartacus Talk

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