i have played the halo games for a very very long time, and it is probably the best series ever thought up.

it has been fun, really fun, and i love the story, however as i just found out the other day when i beat the game.

cortana "dies" . well most people dont think its that big of a deal, but the character of master cheif will not be the same without her, the two worked togather for soo long that chief will not be able to function with a nother AI. there is also the fact that they were, pretty mutch in love, yes i know others have died such as jhonson, or captian keys. but they were not this vital to the halo series. 343 has just taken over, and im not entirely sure if they would kill her soo easily. ive heard many theories that have given me some hope that she is not dead. i hope they are true. i think that if cortana was to die...the chief should die with her. one cannot function without the other they are almost one, with eachother and the series will never be the same if she is dead, and i will not be playing halo 5 if it is soo. im sorry if this makes anyone mad i just had to say this