Look borderline a lot of people could care less about covenant, anything. This blog is here to change this. Really, if Chief was NOT here we would be toast, sliced and diced, squished, splatered, spiked up, it would be ugly. Anyway this blog is about the covenant, not dead, plasma burned things.

The first thing we'll mention is their weopons the ones that are overlooked , like the humble Spiker or Spike Rifle. If you want to like a non-power weopon in Reach pick this rare tresure on the go and cause damage, this thing does 2X the damage of the Assault Rifle, a lower fire rate which means it lasts, able to kill two oponents (apox.) with one clip. In halo 3 duel wielded they kick spartan bum and single wield has probably has as much or a little less power then the Assaut Rifle, making it much less useful then duel wielding.

Really it's one of some other Brute weopons that are fatal, another one of them being the mauler, which everyone always wants to duel wield, though fire melee is better considering your still able to throw grenades, and lets you pick up more ammo. Other CQB weopons are better but still the mauler lays under the radar, not being instant "oh my goodness we have a guy with a (insert CQB weopon of chioce here)" Really players won't know what the gun is till their too close, but still treat it like a CQB weopon, use cover too get to your target.

Another weopon comenly overlooked, being talked about how you PWN with it, or not used right, the plasma pistol, we all know about it and rarely use it, thinking it's not powerfull enough, like all weopons that are weak to most are powerful to some, the plasma pistol has a powerful trigger finger. The sad truth is that most players new to the weopon usally use it by overcharging it and getting killed because they have no second part of how to finsh the person off, they usally give up on the weopon and never use it again, though it's a power weopon in disguise, often when paired with a headshot weopon or melee, and using a trigger finger as well.

Next time we'll cover why the energy sword is better the the gravity hammer

First to start off a rather crutial part of the blog is spelling things right, I'm sorry for the mispellings but the truth is words that I don't spell often on paper I'm not good at such as "weapon". By the way I said "bum" on purpose as it is how you say "but" in Europe.

The reason the energy sword is better then the gravity hammer, well a main reason anyway is the range, the lunge of a energy sword can make you jut through the air a few feet which could save you. The energy sword is powerful when you use it when enemies suround you with a quick slice when not lunging you can get out rather easy. There is a problem that plauges both weapons being how easy you are to find. The energy sword has it's large glow and when in a map made darker by color FX or by hiding in a small room there is a light that glows very brightly, exposing you easily on darker maps like the core on Invasion, or by oponents looking through a doorway and see your blue glow. The gravity hammer has the problem of being tall and easily identified from a distance, this also affects the energy sword.

Another fact that has been brought up in some of the comments is human weapons being better then the covenant weapons. Though the fact is that covenant weapons have more power to drop shields and human weapons take out health faster, with the exeptions of the needle rifle and needler, which are better for health. Some Covenant, well Covenant everything is commonly overlooked.

Now well get to infantry power for the Covenant. Everyone thinks grunts are pushovers, not much to mess with and took out simply with your dome inspecting headshot, but ever think about how muck ammo a single headshot takes? With tons of Grunts around you run out of ammo if you face too many, DMR ammo can be hard to find, needle rifle even harder, shotgun=waste, the energy sword is hard to come by and is a waste of ammo, automatic weapons cost ammo, needler, even the warthog turret. Grunts can kill faster on heroic and legendary.

The Brutes, brutal, reckless, powerful. They will kill sometime, they're no pushovers, maybe Halo 2, maybe Reach, but in Halo 3, they mean buissness. I'ts hard to describe them but hey then again do you know the ammo it costs to kill them? Really needle rifle is the only non-costly way to kill them, Don't get me started in Halo 3, don't screw with them, or else you will screw earth when you die, good luck.

Another race is the Kig-Yar (we'll cover jackals at the moment) with their gauntlets they usually take a good two shots to kill, which will toll down on ammo, they don't die easy and will really kill you fast in groups, their snipers will kill you from the distance, beam rifles are very deadly, focus rifles as well, other less strong weapons will kill not as well but are still a nusance, and with other ground units will weaken your sheilds and make it easier for the ground units to finsh off.