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    Look borderline a lot of people could care less about covenant, anything. This blog is here to change this. Really, if Chief was NOT here we would be toast, sliced and diced, squished, splatered, spiked up, it would be ugly. Anyway this blog is about the covenant, not dead, plasma burned things.

    The first thing we'll mention is their weopons the ones that are overlooked , like the humble Spiker or Spike Rifle. If you want to like a non-power weopon in Reach pick this rare tresure on the go and cause damage, this thing does 2X the damage of the Assault Rifle, a lower fire rate which means it lasts, able to kill two oponents (apox.) with one clip. In halo 3 duel wielded they kick spartan bum and single wield has probably has as much or a litt…

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