Because no one had done it yet. And for the two minutes that I spent on it, I thought it came out quite nicely.

Noble team parody

Presenting: (From left to right)

  • Smoke. as Jorge-052 - The heavy weapons specialist and only Spartan-II on the team. He blows stuff up. Like our Smoke, he is the muscle of his team
  • Subtank as Catherine-B320 - The only female member of Noble Team, a stealth specialist with a robotic arm. The only female on our team as well, Subtank does her work subtly without much fanfare. Some suspect she is half robot as well.
  • Grizzlei as Carter-A259 - The fearless leader of Noble Team. He is the glue that binds the team together and has helped his comrades get through many a tough spot. He is loved by all of his subordinates.[verification needed]
  • Halo-343 as Emile-A239 - Emile is the assault specialist of the team. He has a big knife and would rather let his actions speak for themselves instead of words. Always rushing in were needed and his constant editing without bragging win 343 this spot.
  • Nicmavr as Jun-A266 - The sniper of Noble Team, and a deadly shot. He is rock solid under pressure and always comes through. Our Nic always knows what the problem is and solves it in one shot, and will always help when neeeded.

Well, I hoped you enjoyed this, Cheers to all! And please don't get mad at me if you didn't get in, there were only five spots.