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I'm not normally one for odd speculation but this also doubles as a news recap for some new announcements about the Halo franchise. Anyways, I have a feeling that similar to Forward Unto Dawn linking together with Halo 4 in the Lasky department, the new series being made by Ridley Scott will link up to Halo 5. In the new information revealed for Halo 5, a unknown new Spartan is shown, who presumably will be important to the story of the game (or else he wouldn't be on the cover). Ridley Scott's new series was revealed as not focusing not on the Chief, but a up-and-coming leader among Spartans. Now, I doubt they'd want to make a big deal about some new character here unless they had some way for it to pay off... such as being a main character in the upcoming Halo 5... If Microsoft, 343 Industries, and Xbox want to push the new Xbox Originals, tying them in with the story of an upcoming game in one of the Xbox's biggest franchises seems like a solid plan.

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