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Global IP Issue

Sgt D Grif December 19, 2012 User blog:Sgt D Grif

Hey everyone, it's Grif, and I'd just like to give you all a heads-up on a current issue. Wikia is currently having some sort of glitch in their system and is incorrectly identifying users' IP addresses. As a result, users on several wikis are unable to edit, since they are being detected as having a blocked IP. Therefore, if you find yourself blocked inexplicably on a wiki, you didn't do anything wrong. There's little that we can do at the moment, so if you're having an issue either editing or joining a chat, your best option is to keep refreshing in the hopes that you can get in. Also note that since each wiki has a different set of blocked IPs, you may still be able to get into certain ones. This wiki, at the moment, seems to not have the glitched IP banned. Lower-activity wikis are also more likely to not have the IP banned. So good luck to everyone, and let's hope this gets sorted out soon!

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