aka segan

  • I live in new burg
  • I was born on July 4
  • My occupation is i train at west point millitry academy
  • I am im female
  • Segan333109

    i just got done whatching the movie halo forward unto dawn its the best movie ever made. i know all of the words to the jog chant it goes   

    "helljumper, helljumper,where u been? first foot into hell then back again! when i die please bury me deep! place an MA5 down by my feet! dont cry for me dont shed no tear! just pack my box with pt gear! cuz early morning 'bout zero five! the dround will rumble there'll be lightning in the sky! dont you worry' dont come un done its just my ghost on a pt run!

    thats cool when i jog i say the whole thing.

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