Something I've noticed very commonly lately is that a lot of Halo fans are stuck in the past. They always hate on most anything new  that comes out and  defend the classics with their life. They don't seem to want all of the new stuff,

Yes, this is an actual bumper sticker. Fits me pretty well.

but ask for it anyway.

Now, something that I want to get across; I love the classic Halo games. I grew up with Halo CE and practically worship Halo 2. I understand entirely where people are coming from when they say Halo 3 was epic or that Halo 2 was above all else.

Back to my original point; I don't mind the changes I get from game-to-game. If anything, I prefer them. I don't pay $60 for an expansion pack. I played the Halo 5 Beta and loved every part of it. What I don't understand is why everybody else can't get over the fact that the games aren't going to be exactly the same. "Hey, here's the same game you played three years ago with a different campaign!" Nobody would be very pleased with that. I understand that people don't like it when their classic games aren't feeling the same anymore, but you can't just bash something because it's new.

Well, that's all I have for this rant. Goodbye, and have a nice day!