What is everyone's thoughts on the recent June 3 update? I love it.

Now, the Battle Rifle is one of the more used guns (if not the most used), reminding me of the pre-Reach games. While I use the DMR, I never felt like it should be a loadout weapon. Bear with me on this one. The Light Rifle is what I consider a perfect long-range precision weapon. When scoped in, it annihilates players from afar, but during close quarter conflicts, it's sub-par and should lose in most fights. The DMR, on the otherhand, is an all-around weapon. Even with the recent patch, it's just not fair to have a gun that dominates from any distance (and does considerable amounts of damage). Since the last two games, we've become accustomed to the DMR; therefore, it should not go away. Instead, I want it to become a power weapon in the next installment. Give it a slight damage buff (and restore its range) to make it comparable and in some cases, better, than the other ordnance. 

Movement speed is 10% faster, leading to an overall faster game. While I love it, it's a bit too fast since we already have sprint. Rather than decreasing speed, I suggest that they slightly increase the shield's recharge time. This way players will have a better opportunity to survive one-on-one battles and regenerate their shields behind cover. 

The new weapon and vehicle placement on the maps is somewhat questionable. While I support the idea of "static ordnance" in every playlist, it spawns way too fast. If I pick up a Spartan Laser in the middle of Ragnarok, it will "re-drop" even before I run out of ammo or die. But, pleeeease keep static ordnance. It gives players something to fight for in the beginning of the match, generally with the better team winning. This, of course, is a classic Halo encounter and should not be excluded--even with the Infinity gametypes. Along with new weapon placements, they also added more vehicles on all of the Big Team Infinity Slayer maps. I wasn't able to try out every single map, but the vehicle-lovers got what they wanted. With the recent turret buff to the Mantis and Warthog, they're now wonderful vehicles. Before the update, it was hard to take out enemies attempting to EMP or board you. Now, Halo 4's Warthog is comparable to its previous iterations. 

As I said, I enjoy the update as a whole. Keep on working 343! Feel free to discuss. Also, what else do you think they need to fix?