Alright, I've been working on this for a while (read "a while" as "five minutes") and here it is, a Warriors parody! I call it The Halowarriors.

The Warriors Parody

Who I picked from left to right:

Cochise=Forerunner (Cochise has bright clothing that makes him stand out in a crowd... and so does Forerunner, though he stands out on his own.)

Snowball=ONIrecon111 (Snowball doesn't usually talk, but when he does he says wise things. ONI talks, and says wise things usually... blame me for that one. Either way, they say wise things.)

Cowboy=SPARTAN-077 (I think 077 likes Stetson hats, plus he's loyal... and Cowboy is loyal and never seen without his Stetson, except when he's pummeling your face in.)

Ajax=Ajax_013 (Ajax is tough, Ajax_013 is tough, they have matching names... a goldfish could figure this one out.)

Swan=CommanderTony (CT is a great leader and he's serious business. Same as Swan. Only CT is proficient with guns and Swan is proficient with beating people to death.)

Rembrandt=Unluckynumber11 (Unlucky is kinda new, and so is Rembrandt... the only thing ULN doesn't have is Rembrandt's solid tagging skills.)

Vermin=Me (I complain, Vermin complains, we're both loyal... it'd take more than a goldfish, probably a rabbit. I at least complain in RL.)

Fox=Blemo (Both are street smart and both are scoutwise. Sorry Blemo, you got killed because someone threw you into a train.)

Cleon=ED (Not seen in the pic. Cleon was important and so was ED, I believe. Cleon was also Warchief before he was beaten to death and Swan assumed command. Leave that part out and it makes sense.)

And that's my parody.