It has come to the attention of the Cabel Administration that many blogs have been made in the past few weeks that do not follow the Blog policy on this Wikia. As a result of this, the Administrative team (with yours truly writing this) has decided to remind the community of the rules and mention that the policy will be enforced - and repeated offenses will result in a short ban.

The Halo Nation blog policy reads as follows:

Users must abide by ALL of the following guidelines:

  1. In compliance with wiki etiquette
  2. Must have a minimum length of two paragraphs or more, complete with good grammar and spelling.
  3. Have a thesis or purpose.
  4. Be understandable to the average user.
  5. Not include any advertisements whatsoever.
  6. Blog comments will have a minimum of five words in length and not contain spam material.

Furthermore, pointless blogs that contain no content, not related to Halo, and merely for Wikia badges will result in a ban for pointwhoring - or useless and/or unproductive edits that earn a user online and ultimately worthless awards.

Or, too long;didn't read, we got sick of listening to you all voice your wishes of what you would want in a halo game, and how you wish that Reach had an armory, where you could buy guns and stuff (which is not at all how an armory works, anyway).

On topic replies, if you would be so kind...

[Sometimes, it's all about the glory.] Superintendant-alone [Put your boot up enough alien backside and the corps will pin rows of medals on your chest.][Bad ass, unlocked.]