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IF Usergroups ARE disband - My idea of what to do

CommanderTony has proposed to disband the usergroups. I have a new idea of should happen. These are only preferences and may motivate users to be their favorite class/breed of alien.

I think that we should choose to prefer what pages we edit or what pages we edit most. We would have five choices of what we prefer/edit most. For normal users we would have three ranks and admins (and other users like rollback users) would have four or five. Here is the list of what it would be.

If user prefer to edit Covenant pages the ranks would be: Engineer (low or minor edits) Grunt (average amount of edits) Elite (high edits) Prophet (admin, rollback user, etc.)

If user prefers to edit UNSC pages the ranks would be: Marine (low or minor edits) ODST (average amount of edits) Spartan (high edits) General (admin, rollback user, etc.)

If user prefers to edit Flood pages the ranks would be: Infection form (low or minor edits) Combat form (average amounts of edits) Pure form (high edits) Juggernaut form (rollback users or other special people) Gravemind form (admin)

If user prefers to edit Forerunner pages the ranks would be: Auto Turret (low or minor edits) Constructor (average amount of edits) Sentinel (high edits) Enforcer (rollback users or other special people) Monitor (admin)

If the user prefers to edit real life pages the ranks would be: Arcade Gamer (low or minor edits) Gamer (average amounts of edits) Pro Gamer* (high edits) Gaming Champ* (admin, rollback user, etc.)

  • =These are only ranks. If you really are a pro or gaming champion, good job.

These could also be adopted to be the point system if anything goes very wrong with them. There would be no elections so nothing is inactive. There would also be no list of users so nobody would "cheat" ranks, though there may be a counter of the amount of users in each subgroup and in each class. These are my ideas and any likeness to a proposal in the forum or blog is an accident. If anyone has any ideas that add to my idea, leave a comment or message me. Please don't have a big arguement about the ranks because they are only suggestions by me and may be changed if my idea is accepted by the admins.

Thanks for reading!