When the Sangheli broke from the covenant, why didnt the grunts or the jackals. In my opinion and if you leave comments for or against my information would be greatly appreciated as one day i hope to become a video game designer.

After the change of positions with the honor guard and the brutes why didnt the other races come to the aid of the sangheli. The elites being the far more intelligent race and whose battle tactics are unmatchable with the rest of the races. But the one im more curious of is why the hunters didnt join the elites becasue near the end of halo 2 there are two hunters that help you.

The prophets and the brutes obviously planned this for a long time and when tartarus plans to activate Halo the elites ended rather quickly and desicivly and the brutes lost their chieftain of war and are running around without the leader of the brutes.

So my question for the people viewing this is why didnt any of the other races follow the sangheli i mean if we were in the covenant we would follow those who are stronger and ones who win the most battles.