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Have we forgoten O.D.S.T?

Have we forgoten Halo:O.D.S.T?

Of course we havent...or?

I grew up with Halo since a friend of mine show it to me when i was 10. I was drawn to it the second i saw the menu of Halo 2 and listened to the munk choire.

I bought and played,and played and so on.

Then i daw the Halo 3: O.D.S.T comercial (The extended one with bagpipes) and i felt every cell in my body yell "BUY IT!!!".

I got the game several weeks later and...well. It had action,comedy,love,humor and that only Halo feeling.

I loved it. Then after i bought Reach and knew that Bungies Halo days where over i was...torn in half. I wanted Bungie to remain the owner of Halo,but at the same time i wanted to know what a small co-developer of halo had to offer. On cristmas day i got Halo 4...shouldent have got it. I played it and i wandered "Where is the choire?"

Since the change from Bungie to 343 studios alot changed.Even the maker of that wonderful Halo music Micheal O Donell quit.

I though "hell,it cant be bad,its halo"But that last Halo fealing is gone now.Torn apart like paper.

So now i ask myself "How do you get that spark back to the Halo veteran?" The answer is simple:


Make another one of the Halo sidetrack.Make us remember Mombas and Buck and the Rookie.

Or let us at least remember Reach...

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