This blog is dedicated to fun and useful things in Forge mode. It will cover anything from weird ways to die to making awesome maps with little tricks in them. I mainly play the Reach Forge, because it has a lot more options for me, but every once in a while I will do the Halo 4 or Halo 3 Forge. I love to fiddle around on Forge, and I get a lot of my ideas off of Youtube. I modify it a bit to make it more fun, and voila! You have the perfect recipe for a good time! I am trying to figure out how to take good pictures, and once I do, I will include them so you can get an idea of what is going on. So, enjoy, and feel free to throw some of your own ideas in as well. I am always looking for something new to do! Kill, play, build, and long live the mighty Halo!

"The Tankshot"

This is REALLY fun to do, and I do it just about every time I play. What you need is to go to Forge World, head over to that canyon close to the tunnel, get to the far end, which is near water, and place a Scorpion on the relatively flat area right around there. Then, find the "Wall, Coliseum", which can be found if you go to "Structure", to "Walls and something else" and the Coliseum wall will be in there. Make sure rotation snap is at 45 degrees, and the wall's physics are phased. They are by default, just so you know. If you look out in the distance, you will see a huge mountain that looks like it is a skull. Just a little bit, not a lot. There is a canyon between the Skull mountain and some other mountains to the left. Take the CW and have the long end pointing in roughly that direction. Then, change the angle. The slope that you can walk up needs to be facing the ocean, the slop you can't walk up need to be facing the mountains. Slide the wall into the ground and go under the tank until it is approximately 3/4 up the wall. This part you have to do fast. I have my thrust on fast, so that might change something. From there, you press LB + LT to make it go up pretty fast. As it is going up, start moving the Coliseum wall towards those mountains previously mentioned. If done correctly, the tank will shoot out from the wall and fly towards those mountains. Some times it does crazy spins, other times it doesn't. Eventually it will blow up, but it takes a while. It is also fun to have a partner in the tank so you can see what is going on from the tank's point of view. There you go! The Tankshot. This can be done anywhere, but it is easiest to start in that canyon. Trust me, this is really fun to do!

Map: The Mulcher

This was fun to make, and near impossible to beat. I don't even know how to describe it! I'll try my best though. The goal of this map is to reach the top of this sloped metal hill, right in front of you. It is a bit like a dead end tunnel, completely made out of Coliseum Walls. You start at the lowest point and have to go up. The tunnel is sealed off tight, except for an opening way up in the air. The tunnel continues from the starting point and then gets steep, too steep to walk on. I used the 45 degree rotation snap for most of this.You build a long tunnel, slanting upwards at 45 degrees most of the time, and then make it go straight up at 90 degrees. Go up a few levels and then fan out. Use Kill Balls and cover the entire fan. Make as many vehicles as possible, mainly Banshees and Hogs. Below I will write how to do this trick. Make the vehicles come back instantly. Don't forget to put respawn points at the dead end section of the tunnel. If done right, vehicle pieces of every shape will rain down and roll down the tunnel. Then, make a bunch of heavy man cannons all spread out in the tunnel. Add explosives (mines, fusion coils, propane tanks) and make them come back instantly. Do not use the explosive plasma containers. You will have a pile up and nothing will explode. If this is all done right, you will have a tunnel with an insane amount of vehicle parts raining down, getting caught in the Grav Lifts and flying everywhere. Explosives will be everywhere, and they will be flying around as well. Sometimes you will get smashed as soon as you respawn. Just try to get to the top. It is extremely hard. Warning: In my map, I have so much stuff going on, so many things exploding and flying around, that it has a bad lagging problem. It is not terrible, but it is still there.

Armor Lock + Vehicles = Awesome!

The only time I've actually done this trick is in the Halo Reach Campaign. I have wanted to try it in Forge, but I am missing a partner to do it with. If you do it, can you tell me some of the different outcomes for each vehicle? Just out of curiosity. 

 I actually destroyed a Revenant with this trick! It is pretty fun, and I hope you think so too. 

 What you need:

  • Armor Lock
  • A fast moving vehicle (Ghost, Revenant, Hog, etc.)
  • A partner (Can be AI, or it can be a friend)

 Once you have all these, set up a little area to do this at. I'd suggest the canyon in Forge World. It is the longest, and you'll get the best speed up. Also, have your teammate be on a different team than you. Once everything is all ready, have your teammate hop into whatever vehicle you chose, and you hop on top of it. Your friend needs to start driving, and driving fast. When he/she starts, you need to activate Armor Lock. Keep pressing the button until it overloads. If done right, the vehicle should throw you into the air, and it will be doing some odd things too. I have only done this with a Revenant, so if you choose a Hog and it doesn't work, try the Revenant. Like mentioned above, I killed a Revenant with this trick. I overloaded, got thrown in the air, the Revenant went flying and fell into the water to it's painful death. I have always wanted to try this with a Falcon. I think that would be pretty great. If you do this, please tell me the outcomes of different vehicles. Thanks! Lovin' the comments, keep 'em up! 

Taking a peek underneath Forge World

  This is simple but cool. This would probably work on other Forge modes, but I did this in Reach. First, go into editor mode and find the 5x5 wall or the Coliseum wall. I suggest the 5x5 wall. The Coliseum wall is a bit too large for this. Go up as high as possible with the wall, and set physics to normal. Change the camera angle so you are looking at the bottom of the wall. Then, press up on the D-pad to turn back into the human form (like Transformers). As soon as you do this, you will start to fall with the wall falling above you. You'll land and shortly after the wall will slam on you. If done right, the force will knock you underneath Forge World. You will only get a few seconds, if that, to see the scenery. Make sure you get a good look. It is pretty cool, even though it is only for a second or two. 

The Shield Elevator

   I used this in a map and it turned out pretty awesome. You need to find the one way shields in the Halo Reach forge mode. Choose whatever size you want, it doesn't really matter. Place them horizontally in a column. Make sure they aren't too close together or too far apart. Just right. Also, the orange half that acts like a trampoline needs to be facing upwards. If this is all done right, it will act like an elevator. When you walk or jump into the blue side, you will be propelled upwards to the next, and the next and so on. Eventually you will reach the top, and not fall back down, since it is a one way shield. Ta-da! You made an elevator. Quite an engineer, ain't you?

The Slower-downer

    Yes, great name, I know. This is like the Shield Elevator, just opposite. This can be used to cushion falls and prevent you from dying. This time you have to put the orange bouncy side towards the ground, with the blue facing upwards. (Note: This is assuming that you are falling from the air to the ground.) If you, say, jumped off a cliff and hit these shields, you would have enough speed do the opposite effect. Instead of speeding up, you slow down. You can land safe and sound, without even taking a bit of shield damage. Both of these tricks are nice for multiplayer. I have used these numerous times on many maps. Perhaps you will too?