I have never made a blog before, so please forgive me for any mistakes I make. If I do make any, please tell me so I can fix them. Thanks!

I play Halo every day, and just about every time I come across something that is funny or really cool and weird. Since I keep bumping into these great events, I decided I should make a blog and share my experiences with the great guys and girls of Halo Nation. I appreciate comments and would love to read about some weird things that happen to you in Halo. I hope you enjoy the blog, and I hope you maybe even laugh at times. Just maybe. Keep on playing and killing, and long live Halo!

Installation 04, Halo Reach, Firefight

So, I was playing Firefight in co-op on Installation 04, in the Reach Anniversary. Too bad it is the only Firefight map, but it is a cool one. I change the rules to make it harder, put skulls on, make it Legendary, etc. Basically, I make it a  pain in the butt. It was yesterday, May 2nd. Now, every time I do this damned map with my rules, WEIRD things happen. Here's a few: 1: I got blown up so bad that my left leg was in my neck, my head was in my gut, my right leg was in my right arm, and my left arm was flailing wildly the whole time. Then I flew across the whole map like that. Pretty fricking hilarious, I have to admit! 2: I tried to run over a hunter with a mongoose. Seriously, don't try it. It is pretty funny until you smashed into the ground. He whacked me with his shield, and I went flying into the air doing the "over spin". I call it that just because you spin way too fast to be possible. 100 rounds per second! So, there I was. Just spinning around  in the air. When I finally landed, wheels on the ground and close to the edge of the cliff, I decided to show off my remarkable driving skills and drove off the cliff. A+ for awesomeness, right? ;) 3: I tried to stick a hunter with a Plasma grenade, and he tried to whack me at the same time. It just so happens that my partner was driving past at that moment. The hunter whacked my grenade away, and it stuck to my partner's Hog. He blew up a second or two later, and the Hunter proceeded with his demolishing of me. "Betrayal!" says the dude, "Shut up." says me. :) 4: I got to see the biggest 4th of July firework show EVER. I was in a little cubby hole, and all around me was a bunch of dead grunts. What is nice, is that they carry a ton of grenades. We also died here, so our grenades are all around me as well. An elite decides to toss one right at me. I dodge it, but it lights up about 10 grenades. My poor body was being flung around like a ragdoll. "Smash!" into that rock, "Wham!" into the tree. On the upside, it was pretty! All the colors of the rainbow, blowing me to pieces. Whoever said that rainbows are nice? 5: I died, went in the air, and landed in a tree branch. I fell a bit later. 6: A Hunter whacked my car into the air and I was up there for what felt like a while until I finally fell. What comes up must come down. What is fun, is that I didn't die. My car wasn't even damaged. I drove off and proceeded with wrecking stuff. 7: I tried to throw a grenade at an elite, and he "This is Sparta" kicked it somewhere else. Lucky for me, there was grunts everywhere. I died, but I killed a grunt in the process! That's acceptable, isn't it?

The weirdest way to destroy a Revenant...

   Okay, this was extremely fun, and if you get a chance, DO IT. I was playing ONI Sword Base in Reach on Legendary, with Cowbell, IWHBYD and GBP. I had just turned on the AA guns, and I was passing by the huge glacier. A Revenant gets dropped ahead of you, along with some infantry. I took the Armor Lock ablility in one of the buildings and got to a nice overwatch position. I watched for a while, and the infantry moved up the hill. The Revenant started too, but stopped halfway up. Just for fun, I decided I would sneak up on it and jump on top of it, then activate Armor Lock. So I did. I jumped up on it, and activated AL. Since this ability keeps you in one place, I stayed on top of the Revenant. The elite driving it started to boost, and I was still just standing on his ride. The AL finally overloaded, but the weird thing is when it did, I got thrown up into the air, and the Revenant started flying opposite of me. I got thrown up so high that I died from the "Leaving the Battlefield" message. It was so fun, I decided to try it a few more times. After the fifth or sixth time, I got thrown into the air with the Revenant. It then flew into the water and blew up. I continued the mission normally, and when finished, went back in Theater and took some videos. It was great! Seriously, try it! Also, I will talk about it a bit in my "Fun with Forge" blog. You should go over there and take a look!

"Tip of the Spear" glitch: Flying out of the spire shield.

   This is a neat little glitch. I felt like it could be put under the "Fun and Weird things" category. In Reach, go to the level "Tip of the Spear". Make sure the Tilt skull is on. Once you get to the end, you enter a huge shield to destroy a spire generating it. You must get a Plasma Pistol and Beam Rifle. Hijack one of the Banshees flying around. Next, fly it up to a little corner close to the drop zone you started at. You know you are in the right place when you see two or three little trees. Jam the Banshee into this little nook, and press the evade button to the left. Do this over and over again, and eventually you will get out. As soon as you do, hop out. The trick is to have both you and the Banshee outside of the shield without getting sucked back in. This may take some time, but as long as you keep working on it, you'll get it. Once both you and the Banshee are out, pull out your Beam Rifle. Keep on zapping it until you get it past the second tree. Careful you don't shoot it off the edge though! Once it is completely past the second tree, hop in. If done right, you can fly around freely. You can even land on the two frigates shooting the shield. Careful you don't get too far, or else you'll blow up. There you go! There are rumors that there is a Scarab Gun on this level, but I have looked and haven't found anything. Too bad, eh? Also, you can find this glitch on the wiki. I am just mentioning it here.