Star Date: 88878.65 Personnel: Master Chief Winterhagen Location: USS Ayanami Title of Log: Master Chief's Personal Log


Its been a few days since my return form the "other" universe. I am still haunted by the past events of it and from this Project 616.

The similarities between our two universes hit a bit to close to home. They were just like us only darker and bloodthirsty. the "other" Rendino still danced and wiggled about as she worked, much like our own, but instead of excitement over science and discovery, it was over the pain and suffering of others before they were killed. On a side note her eye tattoo made her look even hotter than normal.

"Other" Chen wasn't much better. She had the pride in her work and equipment much like ours, but to question her talents would end in the most fatal of ways. She also had a dudes hair cut which didn't do a feckin thing for her.

Cadet K'ott over there wasn't much more than a personal killer for Rendino.

Murai and Dalun weren't even on the boat. Murai was a Captain of her own ship and Dalun was some sort of secret police sent to make sure that the Ayanami continued to be faithful to the Empire.

That Brings me to Nyoko. She was there too, but our roles were reversed. I was Captain of the Ayanami and she was my Master Chief. The bond that these two shared was damn near perfect to mine and Nyoko's. Behind close doors there was no more ranks, just two close friends that have been threw hell together and have the scars to prove it. It appeared that Nyoko was my others best adviser

Me and T'Pang couldn't of escaped with out her. Of the bunch of them she was the friendliest, I found out why shortly after. While T'Pang went to adjust the transporter, I went to my quarters with Nyoko, It was there that I found out that Nyoko and the Other Werner were lovers. Feckin lucky bastard.......

In the quarters, she wanted a quickie. it was everythin I could do, not to throw her on the table and take her right there. How many times have I thought about this on the ship. The tension between us as always been strong, ever since Risa, but it wasn't right. She wasn't my Nyoko. She once told me, when she miss understood one of my jokes. That we would be an explosive couple but in the end it would end badly, very badly. I would see a twisted example of this shortly.

In the transporter room, T'Pang finish the last bits of tweaks she needed to do to get us out of there. That's when the other Nyoko asked me to take her with us. I couldn't leave her. She did everythin she could to help us and the price would be her life, if she stayed. T'Pang had our escape set up for two. There wasn't enough time to reprogram everythin for three. I told Nyoko to take my spot, it was the least I could do for everythin she did. Once again I was ready to die for Nyoko, even though this one wasn't my Captain, my friend.

I said my good byes to Lt. T'Pang and gave her messages to tell other back home. She ordered me to get on the transporter pad. She gave me logical reasons why I needed to go. I ignored her. As I walked away preparing to sell my life most dearly. Nyoko showed the twisted love that she had for her Werner. She raised her rifle to make room for me at the cost of T'Pang's life. A fight broke out and I managed to stop her from Killin the Lt. She sat on the floor staring at me in shock as the transporters kicked on. The last thin I saw and heard before I was on my own ship, was her yelling "I love you."

I feel like no matter what I try, it all ends in failure. I lost Seera to another man because I can't keep it in my pants. I Failed to Keep Laurel safe. I failed to keep Nyoko safe from an assassin attempt, and I left the other Nyoko to face her death alone.

I'm gettin old, and useless. I'm gettin to close to people. I'm only a year out from twenty in Starfleet. I think I should retire.

*log ends*