Advanced Form Flood

is a unique form flood way, it may be the evolution of a Proto-Gravemind form before becoming Gravemind. Appears a short time, entering a Forerunner installation, its path is a Forerunner which tries to stop him but the wound with his tentacles and sucks his knowledge to himself.


Interestingly is the only from flood way to eye, which has a yellow sclera, pupil color is black and blue iris. Its size is very large about 13 to 25 meters high. Unlike Proto-Gravemind how this already has tentacles, which can move at will and can be used to extract the knowledge to their enemies.

It has a huge mouth full of teeth and likewise afililados this is surrounded by 6 cloves affiliates. Another major difference in the shape of this Proto-Gravemind is that if you can move while moving in zig-zag.


It appears that the Gravemind like, has a very large and higher intelligence.

Eye is likely to be due to possessing artistic freedoms that were given to make Halo Legends.

This is the only species that pose Flood one eye.


List of Appearances

Halo Legends (first appearances)