385 sat down in the lobby and E23-Omegas projection was in his hand. "W-we will be departing soon." she said looking at the time "Yes, I really can't wait to test my skills." "Oh? You are ready for combat then...?" "Ready?" he snorted "I've been ready for a long time now!" E23-Omega remained quite untill the doors slipped open and a few scientists walked out "Ah! I hope it is time to be on our way! I was getting a dreadful headache just waiting around!" "Do A.I.s even get head aches?" asked 385 amused "Ummmm....I-I think s-so." blushed E23. A scientist aproached, and stared at E23 for a moment. He then shook 385's hand and added "Ready for combat now son? I hope so. Dr. Parker will be acompanying you on your way there."

The ship was small and there were only six seats. They were hard as rock and 385 shifted impatently. He hated having nothing to do. It was then he realized he was wishing he had E23 to talk to. Even if he didn't get half of it he enjoyed listening to her long wordy sentances and getting small bits of advice from time to time. It gave him a campanion, and made him more confidant some how. But Dr. Parker wanted to ask her a few questions..."I wonder why?"

"So E23-Omega, how have you been getting along? I trust you are happy with your partner, or would you like to exchange him for another spartan? You still have a chance to do so." E23 looked through the small window in the door at 385 and replied "That will be unessicary. Even if I myself did not choose this spartan, we enjoy each others company, and I belive we will make an exellent team." "I are you by the way? No....problems?" "Pr-problems, Doctor?" "Ah, never mind that!" said the doctor waving her hand "You should be getting back to your spartan it is unfair to seperat you two!"

The ship landed and scinetists swarmed 385 rushing him into an armory. They equiped him in high-quality armor and pushed him into what looked like a training course. A woman put a weapon in his hand and said "This is a fast demo of the battlefield for you and E23-Omega to complete to make sure you are ready for battle. You only get two chances to complete it, so try your best!" An icon holding E23 popped up in the corner of 385's vision. she smiled and said "I will provide you with a health scan and information, I can also transmite orders if we are given any sojust focus on the battle."

385 jumped over every crate and knocked over every target, untill he reached the flag. "Well done! T-that was amazing 385!" Suddenly the whole area shook violently and crates slid around. A scientist yelled "We should have landed the ship, set a course for the nearest plantet!!" "We can't the vessel hit our reactor core, we need to get to the escape pods!!" lights spewed sparks and the sound of breaking glass and emergency alerts filled the air. The sound of ugert voices fadded and E23 said "We have been left behind..." "What can we do?!" shouted 385 shocking E23 "T-there are no escape pods, p-perhapse there is a way to stabalize the reactor core and land on a nearby plantet?" "Where's the reactor core, I should be able to get us there!" "I-I'm not sure....insert the chip my data is stored in to that console in the wall and I-I should be able to pull up a map of the ship and see h-how much damage the reactor core has sustained."

E23's hologram was projected as well as a projection of a computer panel. Dragging and dropping clicking and hacking, soon a projection of the ship was before them. E23 opened her mouth "F-father? what is happening?! in the beginiing all wasjgohs why didngigh" her projection blurred, and 385 shouted "E23? E23?! What's wrong?!!