(( Hey, I really like the ideas of A.I.s acompanying spartans on the battle feild, so I made a fanfic to express that! It's bad habit that I post a charecter outline, so just skip it if you want, if not then read through it and you'll find out more about E23-Omega the A.I. in this story ))

Name: E23-Omega

(Avatar) Age: 10 years

Real Age: 6 months

Personality: She acts very shy and can seem a bit hesitant about the information she hands out and the advice she gives. She doesn't seem incredibly confindant in her ablities but she is incredibly smart and can think of multiple ways out of a situation in a matter of moments. However, she is known as the "broken" A.I. due to the fact that she is more of a person who thinks constantly. Though this should mean she would be suffering from a stage of rampancy, she seems to have a massive compassity for storing data. However there are rare occasions that she seems to have outbursts that cause her avatar's projection to blur and become distorted while seeminly random fragments of speech flow from her mouth, which moves at alarming speeds and she seems to be crying. As soon as these outbursts end she some times clompains of feeling dizzy, or asking what was going on.

Short Bio: Six months ago she was created to acompany a spartan, her purpose was nothing more than to provide information and reports. However her personality sujested she would become much more of a companion than planned. Though she is the youngest A.I. Most of the people who helped to devolope her soft ware--as she is the only A.I. almost completly computer generated-- were extremly worried and said she should be deactivated at once, as her programming was...faulty.

Current Ocupation: Artificial Intelligence To acompany Spartan #385 of the U.N.S.C

Appearence: A holographic, slightly transparent, girl with thin hair just above her shoulders. She wears a thin black headband with a loose cloth bow on it, on the left side. There are bangs with a couple hairs falling over her eyes, they never move from her forehead. Most of her body is fragmented and under it are strings of glowing data, she is wearing a long sleeved white dress that ends just above her knees, the sleeves appear a little to long and loose covering her hands unless she holds them up. She is bare foot, down her feet there is a string of data that gives her an almost glowing appearence. Her eyes are dark green, and the only part of her projection that isn't white or almost blue.

385 sat on a crate just outside the lab. Why had they told him to come here? They said they needed him urgently, and then they made him sit and wait for hours! He was ready to join in the U.N.S.C like the other Spartans he had trained with. Suddenly the automatic doors glidded open and a woman in a battered lab cout walked out holding a tiny computer-sort-of-thing in her hand. She held it out and pressed her finger against a button and a projection flickered on above it. The words E23-Omega were projected above it, and then it clicked off. "What is that?" 385 asked wondering what it was supposed to mean. "Your A.I." the woman said and set the chip in his hand she tapped a slot in his helmat and said "It goes in there, but mess around with it a bit, figure out what it does. Just don't break it, the thing wasn't cheap, or easy to make." "Yes ma'am." 385 said stiffly. As soon as she left he pressed the button and watched as a projection of a girl glowed in the dim light. "E23-Omega program activated now loading--U.N.S.C Artificial Intelligence for Spartan #385 will soon become active and ready for use." A bit shocked by the tiny girl he waited readily. The girls head lifted up to make eye contact and her eyes opened "E23-Omega now activated and ready for duty." she said, her voice now sounding timid. "What are you?" asked 385 sounding a bit surprised. "I....I'm your new A.I. assisant specified for battle strategy and information distribution."

385 nodded and said "Uh, sorry kid but I work alone. There must be some mistake here...." "No mistake has been made," the girl said sounding disapointed "All spartans soon to leave for combat are now equiped with a unique A.I. made specificly for them." "A.I. what is that?" "Artificial Intelligence. I am an avatar created to acompany you in least that is what my data says." "Data?" "Yes, all A.I. receive data when they are first created and thier-" from behind a one-way glass screen a female voice said "The way they are chatting one would think they're old freinds getting reaquainted!" a male voice said, thier voice filled with concern "I still think we should have deleted E23-Omega. She is--" "The first A.I of her kind!" "Hmph, it was a mistake. Who knows how long she will be able to support all that data! If she tries her programming will become rampant almost imediatly!" "Let's just see how it turns out. I added a deletion code to her programming, we can easily get rid of the rampant program and start again if it becomes a problem." "I think we should have tested her more. We created an A.I. capable of suporting massive ammounts of data. More than any A.I. before her....did you correct the problems Dr. Parker?" "I was correct the errors....." "......If this goes is all on your head now."

"And so you see, all the places you see strings of glowing wire-like threads, that is the data circulating through my body, the hologram is just a way of projecting my data integrated entity into the form I was in when my data was transfered and created. Microbots are flowing through the chip you are holding which is how my entire program is stored in this tiny chip, as well as a holographic projecter of the most recent version." Finished the girl sounding glad to be having a conversation. "Thats amazing." breathed 385 his ears pounding from listening so intently.