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  • Poppyo345678

    Halo fanfic 2

    November 24, 2012 by Poppyo345678

    385 sat down in the lobby and E23-Omegas projection was in his hand. "W-we will be departing soon." she said looking at the time "Yes, I really can't wait to test my skills." "Oh? You are ready for combat then...?" "Ready?" he snorted "I've been ready for a long time now!" E23-Omega remained quite untill the doors slipped open and a few scientists walked out "Ah! I hope it is time to be on our way! I was getting a dreadful headache just waiting around!" "Do A.I.s even get head aches?" asked 385 amused "Ummmm....I-I think s-so." blushed E23. A scientist aproached, and stared at E23 for a moment. He then shook 385's hand and added "Ready for combat now son? I hope so. Dr. Parker will be acompanying you on your way there."

    The ship was small a…

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  • Poppyo345678

    Halo Fanfic

    November 14, 2012 by Poppyo345678

    (( Hey, I really like the ideas of A.I.s acompanying spartans on the battle feild, so I made a fanfic to express that! It's bad habit that I post a charecter outline, so just skip it if you want, if not then read through it and you'll find out more about E23-Omega the A.I. in this story ))

    Name: E23-Omega

    (Avatar) Age: 10 years

    Real Age: 6 months

    Personality: She acts very shy and can seem a bit hesitant about the information she hands out and the advice she gives. She doesn't seem incredibly confindant in her ablities but she is incredibly smart and can think of multiple ways out of a situation in a matter of moments. However, she is known as the "broken" A.I. due to the fact that she is more of a person who thinks constantly. Though this should …

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