Hello Halo Wiki! I am PerhapsTheOtherOne, a.k.a. PTOO to some. With the release of the Master Chief Collection, Halo 2 Anniversary being the star attraction, as well as the fact that I haven't seen any dedicated blogs and/or forum threads to this, I thought I'd start it up.

Terminals. Those things introduced in Halo 3 brought a whole new level of lore expansion to the Halo universe in ways no one expected. Thanks to that one introduction, they've quickly become a huge source of exploration into the deeper narrative behind the Halo franchise as a whole. And the handing over of the series from Bungie to 343 Industries, whilst divisive amongst fans, no doubt brought forth some very interesting results with the way Terminals would be handled from then on.

Now, Terminals in a Halo game, upon discovery, provide an animated overlook of a tidbit of Halo lore either never explained before, an expansion of known events, or only seen previously in books and/or comics. It started with Halo CE Anniversary, and has continued with Halo 2 Anniversary. Personally, I think it's absolutely amazing that we're getting this content, because fans really should know the bigger world of their favourite shooter franchise. It's one of the decisions that I think many will agree is a step in the right direction for 343 Industries.

So, is that all to this blog? To tell you guys some stuff about Terminals, and why I like them? HECK NO.

I'm gonna give you guys some of my favourite Terminal moments, then you guys will tell me yours. Now, seeing as how Halo 2 Anniversary came out, and I personally like its Terminal lore tidbits the most, I'll be providing those:

> The service record of Thel'Vadam, popularly known as the Arbiter

> Some of the backstory with regards to the formation and defining moments of the Covenant, some only hinted at in the games and/or seen in literature

> Background explanations for many of the events leading up to big moments in the main game

Alright, you caught me red-handed...... I like them ALL. Just tell me yours already >.>

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