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aka Paolo Cadlum

  • I live in Antipolo city, Philippines
  • I was born on February 2
  • My occupation is College student
  • I am Male
  • PLDRC117

    I know that some of you may have answered this before but for the sake of curiosity, What was your first reaction wehn you met The Flood? i in my case was utterly terrified (cause i was a kid during that time haha). I was so terrifed cause i haven't seen anything that evil ooking that i made my younger brother pass the level 343 Gulity Spark for me haha! =)

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  • PLDRC117

    Hello everyon! i'm PLDRC117 (I'm Russkiy117 in XBOX Live)! i was curious, what do you think about Halo Nightfall? in my opinion, my brother and I find it extremely disappointing because the mini-series felt cheap because the story was horribly written to the point that it's too simple, stale and shallow to relate to or even connect to. Heck, the only thing i would give a thumbs up for is the authenticity of the sets, costumes and the props but that's just it for me. I personally thought that the story would be more complex and different. I was imagining that Agent Locke and his other comrades would find out that the Covenant Remant are working with the Insurectionists in alast ditch attempt to wreck the UNSC with the comapound. From there,…

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