Hello. I am Odysseas-spartan-53, an old member of Halopedia. For reasons explained below, I had to leave for some months but I am back, at least for the summer. For you that you haven't seen me before, here's some information about me on Halopedia.

I joined Halopedia in May 2008, some days after discovering this site accidentaly. While I was originally using it only to learn more about the universe of Halo, I soon wanted to make my own account and join the community. Despite being here for (only) two years, I've made a lot of contributions in the site, almost 3,000 edits (but to be honest, only the half are real contributions) in articles, reported vandals, made some useful blogs (and one totally useless, wrong and funny) as well as other stuff. But the most important for me was always the community. I wasn't really active on the IRC but I always watching discussions on blogs, news and article talk pages. I've made a lot of friends here, much more than I expected. In my surprise, I even found a user that we are from the same nation! I didn't expect to find such a big and active community.

Due to school responsibilities I had to leave the site for a couple of months. Yes, it was really necessary. I will be active only for this summer and then I will go inactive again for about 6 months, maybe more. I hope you won't delete my account as I am willing to return back again. I may not join for a couple of weeks in May and June, but that is going to be totally temporar.

So, from now on I am active again. I will participate in discussions, you can send me messages and anything you want. Oh, and I am going to make a small clearance on my friends list, keeping only the best of them.

Thank you for your time,

--Odysseas-Spartan53 05:51, April 20, 2010 (UTC)

P.S. 1: Someone tell me what major changes have been made? Thank you.

P.S. 2: Once more, my English betrayed me. I wanted to write something larger and more detailed about my experiences here and I just can't.