Halo Graphic Novel (or HGN), is one of the few Halo novels I own. It was pretty enjoyable to me to read how the MJOLNIR Mark VI armor was tested or how the Covenant discovered the flood. Personally, I was pleased from this book. However, for many reasons I believe that HGN is the worst Halo book ever released and the worst book for someone who wants to know what halo is.

Almost all stories contain facts that contradict the current canon in many ways. Despite this, Halopedia considers the book as 100% canon and correct. How much can we rely on these facts? And why there are so many? If there are so many non-canon elements in the book, how can we trust the rest of the information that is given?

The Last Journey of the Infinite Succor

The last journey of the Infinite Succor is the first story of the novel and my favorite. It is said that it is so big that it could be a graphic novel by itself. Well, it would be still non-canon. Let me explain to you why.


Main article: Kusovai
Kusovai is one of the Sangheili that appear in the story. It is obvious there is something wrong with his name. In all Halo novels and games, Elites appear with a first and a last name with the -ee suffix in the end. Kusovai seems to be the exception of this rule. Halopedia states that Kusovai is a nickname or simply the first name of the Elite. It also explains the lack of the suffix by telling that it was a way for the Elites to recognize the skillful swordsmen. Well, I believe none of the above is true.

I don't care what you say, my name is fine!

In the whole book there are some things that contradict canon. However, they could be avoided. Is this a sign that the people who wrote and designed that book actually knew less than even we know? Is it possible that the name Kusovai was considered as a regular name for designers?

Infected Unggoy and strange flood forms

Later in the book, the Covenant meets for the first time the flood. In page 20, the flood makes its first appearance in the book. But, wait... what the hell are those giant things! What do they have to do with the flood we already know? Are they a flood form or something? Yeah, in the whole book, strange and unknown forms to us appear. But it’s not only that. Later in the story, infected Grunts appear! Wtf! This is something that TOTALLY contradicts canon.

If such mistakes are made, then how can I believe that Kusovai's name is a nick or a special call sign! It is obvious there that the designers of the book know as Halo as my Grandma does!

The other two stories do not have anything weird and non-canon (the third is small to have anything at all) and so they are not included in my blog. Let’s go to the fourth one.

Second sunrise over New Mombasa


Why do I look so silly?

Ok, now we are getting serious, this can't really be a Halo story. Even with a glimpse, it is obvious that the creators of this story REALLY messed it up. The plot of the story is really serious and good, but the designing part... is a mess. From where should I begin? Elites appear in Green and Orange armors (pg.95), a couple of marines appear in Spartan armor (pg.88, 93), all weapons behave like lasers. And a character appears with a commie hat on his head. Is this a joke? This story is 100% pure non-canon. This is another proof that the designers of this story have also nothing to do with Halo.


Except of the stories that this book has, there is a gallery in the back of the book. There are a couple of articles that are made in Halopedia, like page 122 of the novel. The specific page leads us to conclude that Avery Johnson was a SPARTAN-I. But how am I supposed to believe this when there is only a page for a source that belongs in a silly book? The first conclusion I have made is that any assumption that is based in the contents of this book must not be taken as 100% true as it is highly possible to be false information. The second conclusion is that new readers who may be interested in Halo will think that is silly when they will read the last story.

Thanks for reading my blog, please write any comment you have blow.

The devoted Halopedian,

Odysseas-Spartan53 07:34, 7 July 2009 (UTC)