• ONI Spook

    I'm sure if you seen me on chat, you've seen me type about the need for more ONI canon.

    Before you go off and say "Oh, ONI Spook... the Office of Naval Intelligence is a highly secretive organization, blahblahblah", who's to say some fans aren't deeply interested in this shadowy organization?

    I sure am!... Of course there are spacklings of ONI delivered intel, shady projects like ORION, or ONI operatives in plots, but said plots never really deeply jump into the organization. I'd like to know more about the innerworkings of Section III and some Rambo-style behind enemy lines commando work... What ever happened to Jilan al-Cygni from Contact Harvest? She's a spook... Why is it that we don't know more about Beta-5's Headhunters? Because they h…

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